​We work to empower women throughout the coffee industry

Women have always played a significant role in the production of coffee, yet the industry still suffers from significant gender inequality when it comes to available resources and opportunities. We’re here to change this—because a world with gender parity is a better place for everyone in it. We empower women to create the next generation of coffee.

Known as the Motherland of Arabica coffee, Ethiopia is home to a mountainous, tropical climate that serves as the ideal environment for coffee cultivation. As a result, coffee has been an integral part of Ethiopian culture for generations—and it carries a rich tradition that Black Lion proudly continues.

L-R: Tsega Abebe, Vice President and Mirtie Woldemichael, Chief Executive Officer

As young girls in Ethiopia, we watched our mother ceremoniously craft a fresh batch of coffee at the end each day. We share our origins with the plant that makes this ritual possible, and we believe that every cup of Black Lion coffee is a chance for people to connect to the place, the plant, and the people of our country. Like our namesake, the endangered black lion of Ethiopia, we are working to bring our ancestral heritage into the present and carve its place in the futureOn July, 2019, the CEO of Simba Global, Mirtie Woldemichael visit Southern Ethiopia, Gedeo Zone, Irrecha Village. During her visit, she visited 8 women widow farmers and their families. Black Lion Coffee is now supporting those farmers and paying  the tuition of their children  to attend school. In addition, Mirtie participated in a school supply drive and donated money to support the expansion of the local village school.